Goal & Objectives of Market Intelligence of Town Planning Services

The goal of the Market Intelligence initiative is to allow industry players in Malaysia, and especially Town Planners, to seek opportunities and new markets in which to practice and provide professional services in countries other than Malaysia.

The objectives of the Market Intelligence of Town Planning Services are listed as follows:

  1. Identify and analyze the process and mechanism of town planning practice in other countries;
  2. To identify the local regulations, legislation, business environment of the country to which Malaysian Town Planners can add value; and
  3. Identify the current limitations in the countries that have Town and Country Planning services.

Thus, hereby as attached below is The matrix in Pdf format that summarizes the information for each country – this forms a quick first reference for the reader about each country. The reader will get a quick overview and should he require more in-depth information, he can refer to the main text report by contacting the Secretariat of Board of Town Planners Malaysia at +603-2273 3326

Attachment : Matrix of Information by Country