Profession as an Urban Planner

The name of the profession, “Urban Planning,” is straightforward and descriptive. Urban planners plan for the future of urban areas. But this literal description of the work of an urban planner only scratches the surface of the role of urban planners. Planners work to ensure that cities have what they need to grow and prosper.

In Malaysian higher education, there is a variety of urban and regional planning courses as well as other courses that are related to this field. They can be listed as “township and urban planning studies” or as “development and planning management.”

Urban Planning Careers in Malaysia

Urban planning is a profession that offers a wide range of opportunities for people with many different talents and aspirations. It is a relatively small but growing field and most planners work for the government. Most urban planners work on creating policy and other methods to encourage investment. Demands of Malaysia’s growing cities such as public transport infrastructure and improving city ambience will require the services of urban planners. Moreover, climate changes will affect the way how cities should be built. According to the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley NKEA 2020 targets, developing livable cities would be among its key drivers to economic growth.


The country hopes to have more cities gain greater control over their development, economically and technologically. The effectiveness and efficiency of these systems will be determined by urban planners.  Upgrading water quality of Kuala Lumpur’s main rivers and beautifying and developing its surroundings via the River of Life EPP, going green through the planning of more trees in the city, comfortable walkways for pedestrians, and developing iconic places within the city are among the intensive efforts being done to make this goal happen.

Salary Range


For more information about the urban planning careers in Malaysia, you are advise to read this book :

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