Introduction of Board of Town Planners Malaysia

The Board of Town Planners Malaysia (BTPM) was established under Section 3 of the Town Planners Act 1995 (Act 538) and has been enforced since 1 January 1996.

The Board is responsible to coordinate the town planning profession for it to become one of the professional practices in Malaysia. All the members of the Board are appointed by the Minsiter of Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government of Malaysia for the duration not exceeding 3 years and must abide to the details mentioned in Section 4 of the Act. However, the membership of the President of the Malaysian Institute of Planners (MIP) and the President of Town Planners Association of Malaysia (PERSADA) in the Board is automatically represented.

The main functions of the Board are-

(a) to keep and maintain the Register;

(b) to approve or refuse applications for registration under this Act;

(c) to prescribe the scale of fees to be charged by registered Town Planners for professional advice given and service rendered by it;

(d) to determine ethics of the profession;

(e) to regulate conduct of the profession;

(f) to hear and determine itself or appoint a committee or an arbitrator to hear and determine disputes;

(g) to represent the profession in any matter in which it may be necessary or expedient;

(h) to examine, report and make recommendations upon current legislation and any other matter affecting the profession;

(i) to appoint a panel, if so required, to conduct examinations for admission to the profession;

(j) to appoint a person to represent it on a body or panel of examiners which may be appointed by an institute, a body or a society for the time being representing the profession;

(k) to make recommendations to the relevant authority in relation to any examinations for qualification for admission to the profession;

(l) to appoint members of the Board to sit on a board, committee or body formed for any purpose affecting the profession;


(m) to appoint members of the Board to sit on the board of another professional body as may be necessary.